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Whatever your product, service, expertise or passion, yours is a global market. We want you to take advantage of every opportunity to maximise your audience, increase your distribution and get in touch with the people who want to find out about you and enjoy your music.

We already have a highly customised outlet through the Impulse partner webshop, tutti takes care of secure payment by creditcard, warehousing and despatch, and on downloads, manages the complex European rules on VAT. With 15 years’ experience of online sales, tutti can help you to reach new audiences. tutti provides both mail order and download solutions and has over 3,000 titles for sale.

For a small number of specialist products, you may want to provide a mail order option from your own webpages. We can create the forms for you and link them to your existing webpages. Your customers send in their orders to you and you deal with them directly.

Taking payment for your mail order products is most easily achieved by opening and linking to a PayPal account. We can help you do this quickly and easily.

Should you wish to offer digital downloads of music tracks or sheet music, we recommend that you use tutti. This is because current European legislation on digital download sales imposes VAT requirements which are onerous for the individual trader. tutti takes away the hassle and makes download sales straight forward.

Due to the current legislation, it is not practical for you to offer download sales from your personal web pages on Impulse.

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