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Monetizing online performance

This is a new resource to help musicians understand how to monetize their online performance.
We are adding to it frequently, so please check back often.

1. Have the set-up that will deliver a quality audio-visual experience.
Here’s a link to an easy to follow feature on improving online audio quality

2. Create a network of interest through social media platforms.
This article has loads of options and plenty of advice

3. Understand what is available
This wide-ranging piece gives an overview of online earning

4. Learn from others
Go to a range of online performances and find out what works for you. Invest in trying out different forms of ‘payment’ from donations to tips to ticketing.

5. Think about programme
The online experience needs shorter segments; create mini-series; incorporate interaction and response; focus on communication

6. Test, Test, Test
Use your friends to give you good, informed feedback

7. Follow up
Online performance thrives on creating community and you will need to keep engaging with your community after your performances

8. Collaborations
Online audiences want variety, originality and surprises. Introduce them to your friends and create unusual items – this is the way to get them tweeting and if you go viral . . .

9. Be generous
Donate a portion of what you raise as income. Letting your community know that by supporting you they are supporting a good cause has a snowballing feelgood factor and anyway, it’s nice to be generous and there are plenty of good musical causes.

10. Copyright
Know your stuff on this one. The ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians) has a good page highlighting what you need to be aware of

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