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Rush Hour Romantics at St John’s Waterloo

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Tags: rush hour romantics, southbank sinfonia, st johns waterloo

Thursday 15th March, St John’s, Waterloo at 6.00pm

Berlioz Cléopâtre
Schumann Symphony No.3 ‘Rhenish’
Jonathan Berman Conductor

This concert is free with no ticket required.

Schumann once wrote, admiringly, that Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique was ‘written with drops of blood’. Both composers were ardent Romantics, eager to transplant their very souls into music. Both were entranced by all Beethoven had achieved whilst eager to prove themselves and outstep his shadow. You sense this in these works.

One hears young Berlioz’s own longing for recognition in Cleopatra’s appeal to the Gods for exaltation. Meanwhile, Schumann embarks on his own pastoral symphony, all the while seeking to detour from the path first trodden by Beethoven.

Part of Free Rush Hour Concerts

Southbank Sinfonia – Rush Hour #11: Unleashed

Categories: Concerts, New Work
Tags: Colin Labadie, Rush Hour Concert, southbank sinfonia, st johns waterloo

Thursday 10th october, 6.00pm at St John’s, Waterloo
Southbank Sinfonia

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No.8
Colin Labadie Entwined (UK premiere)
James Hendry conductor

Beethoven described his Eighth Symphony as “unbuttoned”; today we might think of it as being like a double espresso. Small in form but serving a brilliant intensity of innovation, the symphony shows a radical composer experimenting with textural, rhythmic and harmonic elements. Then, with the brain buzzing from musical caffeine, thoughts turn to an array of loose ends that Beethoven leaves deliberately untied, extending the music’s impact beyond the live performance.

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