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The Ring of Fire

Categories: Experimental, New Work, Opera
Tags: armenia, avet terterian, marylebone theatre, opera

Friday, 19 July, 7.45pm at Marylebone Theatre at Rudolf Steiner House, London


Tereza Gevorgyan (soprano)
Arshak Kuzikyan (bass, baritone)
Sam Leggett (tenor)
Heather Caddick (soprano)
Anais Heghoyan (sorpano)
Benjamin Beurklian-Carter (bass, baritone)
Chorus of London Armenian Opera
Orchestra of London Armenian Opera
Aris Nadirian (conductor)
Seta White (director)
Teni Matian (choreographer)

The Ring of Fire – Avet Terterian

The Ring of Fire is an experimental, ground-breaking opera composed by Avet Terterian in 1967 in Armenia, a country hidden behind the Iron Curtain. Avet Terterian (1929-1994) was a Soviet Armenian composer scarcely known in his own country, but renowned in the Soviet Union. The recipient of prizes in East and West, he was praised by the likes of Dmitri Shostakovitch. He produced a large body of work including eight symphonies, orchestral and chamber works, songs, film music and another opera, Earthquake in 1984. In a courageously modern and eclectic western style, The Ring of Fire blends harmonic and atonal elements while also incorporating motifs of Armenian folk music.Against the backdrop of a raging civil war, two combatants find themselves marooned together on an island. Haunted by the spirits of the past, their conflict becomes one between love and ideology.

Music by Avet Terterian

Libretto by Vladimir Shahnazaryan on Boris Lavrenyov’s ‘The Last Shot’ and verses of Y. Charents

Reduced arrangement by Aris Nadirian

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