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UK Premiere at Hampstead Garden Opera

Categories: Opera, Premiere performance
Tags: Cristiano Lidarti, Ester, Hampstead Garden Opera

13 March 2022, 7.30pm at The Free Church, Hampstead Garden Suburb,
Central Square, London, NW11 7AG.

Eleanor Pennell-Briggs (soprano) – Ester
Alexander Aldren (tenor) – Ahasverot
James Beddoe (tenor) – Mordocai
Peter Edge (baritone) – Haman
Londinium (chamber choir)
Hampstead Garden Opera Orchestra
Andrew Griffiths (conductor)

Ester – Cristiano Giuseppe Lidarti

Hampstead Garden Opera is proud to present the UK premiere of the unique oratorio ‘T’shuat Yisrael al Yedey Ester – The Salvation of Israel by Esther’, at The Free Church, Hampstead Garden Suburb, on 13 March 2022 – just before the Jewish festival of Purim, which celebrates the biblical story of Esther.

The libretto, in Hebrew, commissioned by the Sephardi congregation of Amsterdam from Rabbi Jacob Saraval in the 1750s, was set a few years later by the Italian composer Cristiano Lidarti (1730-1795). His charming setting was lost until the manuscript turned up in Cambridge University Library in the 1990s.

Lidarti’s galant style is clearly influenced by both Haydn and the tradition of Pergolesi. Scored for choir and baroque orchestra of strings, horns and oboes, with solo roles for Esther, Haman, Mordecai and Ahasuerus performed by HGO stars, this performance, sung in the original Hebrew, will be the first ever in the UK.


Hebrides Ensemble: Swedish Chamber Games

Categories: Concerts, New Work, Premiere performance, Women musicians
Tags: Britta Byström, hebrides ensemble, Henrik Denerin, Leilei Tian, royal conservatoire of scotland

Friday 20 May, 1.00pm at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow

Swedish Chamber Games was an initiative in 2019 offering Swedish composers the chance to have their pieces performed by groups outside Sweden. Supported by STIM (Svenska Tonsättares Internationella Musikbyrå), Hebrides Ensemble was one of five groups across Europe invited to perform the winning works.

For this special performance, newly composed works by students from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland are paired with those by Swedish composers and Britta Byström, Henrik Denerin and Leilei Tian.


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