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yes, but what sort of music?

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Fair enough question. I can’t speak for the rest of the team, so this is more about me. True to say I am passionate about all sorts of music, if it is original, exciting, challenging, arresting, uplifting. I want it to grab my attention, stop my train of thought, change my mood, stimulate my own creative work. Although the main focus for all of this for me is in the contemporary classical music world, I recently went to an inspiring performance of a neglected mid-nineteenth century work. It wasn’t something I’d want to hear every day, but this performance had been prepared with such dedication and was performed with such relish and energy that it was truly breath-taking. It was the opera La Juive by Fromental Halevy, written around 1865. At tutti we like to identify and give a showcase to music which we think will be inspiring. As it happens, we don’t have a recording of La Juive but we have a lot of other premier recordings of previously unknown works. Here’s the link for just one of them: Handel’s opera, Silla. OK, I’m off to see the in-laws now, so no more posting until Sunday. Except maybe another member of teamtutti will have introduced themselves before then. Where are you guys?

Sarah Rodgers



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