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Apple’s total immersion is good for classical music

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Announced this week is Apple’s music streaming service. Apple’s announcement was inevitable, and composers and songwriters have been predicting the dominance of streaming over downloads for years.

This could be very good for classical music. Not so much in the sense that classical music will be available in the same way as other genres, just as it is now on spotify, but looking rather more to the long term benefit, in the sense that classical music, with its distinctive characteristics, could become a stronger, legitimate and viable alternative music.

Contemporary classical music and living classical composers offer a range and diversity which is really beyond classification (no partial pun intended).

While the global following for pop music is defined by artists as well as genres and sub-genres, appreciation of contemporary classical music is evolving as much more inclusive of the spectrum of styles and sound canvases painted by living composers.

To put it another way, as trends appear, pop music is an all for one (artist) phenomenon (hence the charts) while the scenario for contemporary classical music is increasingly all for all (newly composed work).

Apple will be offering its 800 million users a total immersion in popular music with content pushed on to users at a bombardment level never before experienced. The listeners’ (or should that be users’?) world will become even more frenetic, fragmented and ephemeral.

Enter classical music – space, cohesion, silence, passion, depth, permanence, choice, beauty. We all need something of those qualities in our lives and maybe, just maybe, Apple will unexpectedly open the door to classical music for more people.

tutti is home to the work of over 1,000 composers with 25% of them living and working around the world.

Here are some of our newest acquistions –

Attentive and detailed work from David Stoll in his fourth quartet, Spaces in a Space – listen, download and purchase the score.

Captivating and uplifting music from Rosemary Duxbury – listen to an extract from Reverie for viola and piano and purchase the music.

Wonderful new performances by pianist Alexei Knuppfer of delightful miniatures by Nicholas Wilton (Spanish Dance) – available to download.

An engaging new edition of Charpentier’s Messe de Minuit, brought newly to life by Scottish composer, Graham Robb – (Messe de Minuit) listen to an extract.

Here’s to a great future for classical music – our bite of the Apple!

Sarah Rodgers



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