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I went to a lunch yesterday, hosted by a classical music organisation, where the speaker was talking about real music. This was actually a clarinettist who has had a well known career in both the orchestral and solo field and has made many recordings. He was comparing classical music to other genres as being like the difference of experiencing Shakespeare or a TV soap. It was all related to what we are offering to the children of today. I also have the opportunity of going to many of the pop industry events where I listen to pop musicians talking just as passionately about their art but they do not seen to have the same problem about sharing the business with classical musicians. I suppose they are realistic enough to know that there is no competition, just music.

As a clarinettist, although my speciality was contemporary classical I also had a show “Players Worktime” which was based on 50’s rock and roll – a real passion of mine – where we featured songwriters such as Lieber and Stoller. It also included part of the Mozart clarinet quintet and our audiences enjoyed it all for what it was.

This was actually one of the main reasons that we created the web site. The internet has provided a wonderful opportunity for people to hear every kind of music. The pop side has been terrifically well represented and we wanted to make sure that there was a space for classical music as well, particularly contemporary classical. On the internet people just listen without having to put what they hear into a category – I do not like the word “classical” but it is one whole lot better than “real”.

I must get back to my filing – what a drag! We have recently taken on some terrific scores of piano music by the Russian composer and pianist Nicolai Kapustin. His writing is an explosive contemporary cross of classical and jazz – if you get the chance you must listen to his music.

File, Geraldine, file!

More next week.

Geraldine Allen



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