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passionately successful weekend

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Cambridge Clarinets was terrific! It’s hard to convey the benefits of this annual event but I can safely say that all those who take part value it for the musical content, the human interaction and the opportunity to take time out to simply be and to see ourselves in the context of a much bigger picture. Yes, it all sounds rather navel-gazing, but that would be a completely wrong impression. Everyone is there for the others and without each and every one it would not have the same impact. The surroundings are tranquil (except when we are playing – but even then there are moments of the deepest stillness within all the activity) and the food is sensational – literally! so much so that we are thinking of putting together a recipe book of 14 years’ worth of inspirational eating! The music was inspirational too – 3 out of the 5 works were by contemporary British composers, one by a twentieth century composer and the last one a new arrangement , so ‘live’ was very much the order of the day. Geraldine gave some really good sessions on technique and ‘how to play better’ in all sorts of ways. She recommended a set of tone studies which were enthusiastically received so here they are if you are interested: Time for Tone

We have 10 coming for dinner this evening so this will have to be a short post. Actually we have 4 dinners in the next 6 days, so if it weren’t for music, food would be the abiding passion in this house, not forgetting drink as well.


Sarah Rodgers



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