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passionately busy week

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Monday morning, 8.O8 GMT and I’ve already put in two hours’ work. Being passionate about music is extraordinarily time-consuming. This is the usual hectic week. Last Monday, with another hat on – Impulse Music Consultants – we were organising a huge event at London’s Roundhouse. This was a passionate about ‘Jewish’ music event with the whole evening full of music by an incredible array of Jewish song-writing and composing talent, performed by Michael Ball, Michel Legrand, Maria Friedman and Brian Conley with Maureen Lipman and Don Black – how’s that for a line-up. (Oops! shouldn’t be saying how’s that with the Ashes imminent!!) Anyway, organising the Roundhouse-Fest has meant that a lot of other pressing work has been temporarily on hold so it is now catch-up week. There is constantly a lot of new stuff coming on to the tutti catalogue, from organ music to recorder music to music for massed double-basses, and then there are the Christmas specials to line up not to mention a whole bunch of examination music. This is a relatively new line of ours, but it is proving very popular with teachers and students who otherwise have to go to the nearest high street music shop to put the music on order – with us it’s same day despatch. Have a look here.

I also have a meeting of the Trustees of the British Music Information Centre this afternoon (yet another hat) so had better get off and read the paperwork.

More tomorrow.

Sarah Rodgers



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