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Good morning!

As I have been composing professionally for the last 23 (ouch!) years, a fair bit of my time is taken up with composer business and most of this has been conducted (pun not intended) through the Composers’ Guild of Great Britain and then the organisation into which it evolved about 7 years ago, the British Academy of Composers & Songwriters. This august institution has a membership of around 2,500 (mostly British) composer and songwriters. It looks after the interests of British music writers and celebrates their work. So, today I am off to the Gold Badge Awards at the Savoy in London – a lovely occasion where accolades are given to teh people who support music writers, rather than the composers and songwriters themselves – so, musicians, producers, promoters, publishers, technicians, even inventers and thinkers – all the people without whom composers & songwriters wouldn’t get their music out there! Maybe, one day, tutti will get a Gold Badge for all the work it does in promoting the music of contemporary British composers and their performing champions. Here are just three to tantalize you! – John McLeod Graham FitkinTimothy Salter.

Well, I’m off to put on my best bib and tucker and have some fun!

Sarah Rodgers



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