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passionate about tchaikovsky

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Well, to be honest, I would never have thought I would put that as a title for my blog! but the good old BBC has followed up its Beethoven abd Bach extravaganzas with the Tchaikovsky experience. I got invited to an evening at the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in London to hear the wonderful BBC Singers perform a programme of unaccompanied sacred choral music by Tchaik. Well, actually it was a Tchaik sandwich with Stravinsky for the filling – a rather extraordinary but not unappealing juxtaposition. The cathedral is an unremarkable building but has a more than remarkable impact – it makes you want to be quiet. (I remember experiencing that in the Kremlin on entering the church with the Rubalov icons floor to ceiling – that actually just silenced you without and within!) The BBC Singers did a magnificent job although their very beautiful balance didn’t always give that flavour of the basses underpinning not only the music, but the whole wide world! Nonetheless, it was profound – not a word one can use easily these days. I rushed back to tutti to see what Tchaikovsky offerings we have. In sheet music there is some interesting stuff, especially for trumpet, and as for CDs, one rather special recording of Tchaikovsky works for piano duet, including Romeo and Juliet transcribed by Nadezhda Purgold (wife of Rimsky-Korsakov). How’s that for original, but then you wouldn’t expect anything else from tutti. Incidentally there is a new year’s sale at tutti at the moment with 20% off everything. Yes, I said a SALE.

Cheers Tchaikovsky!

Sarah Rodgers



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