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Blog Archive: February 2012

A spark has been lost from the world of opera

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I was very sorry to hear today that Marie Hayward Segal has passed away. Whenever I think of Marie I think of her laughter. She was on several musical committees with me and we would meet at various events and I would always be glad to see her as she would brighten up every occasion that she attended. Marie was a dramatic soprano and distinguished opera singer performing at the Royal Opera House, Glyndebourne and in Europe. She has died at the age of 72 and the music profession will greatly miss her. She is survived by her son Benjamin and her grandson George who was born just after her death.

Geraldine Allen

Exciting British Music

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I have been listening to music by composers who won British Composer Awards in 2011 and it is great to get a flavour of what is being written in the UK now.
There is so much inspiring new music around but it is not always that easy to know where to begin.

All of the compositions for the British Composer Awards had to have a performance in the UK in the year before the Awards take place.

Have a look at some of these extracts by winning composers not of the winning works themselves, apart from the Sorensen which is the actual winning composition. I think there is some really exciting music here.

Outreach category won by Graham Fitkin
An extract from Log for 6 electric pianos

Vocal category won by Huw Watkins
An extract from his Violin Concert – a stunning performance by Alina Ibragimova

International category won by Bent Sorensen
An extract from the Piano Concerto, La Mattina

Wind Band or Brass Band won by Lucy Pankhurst
An extract from Wired for Brass Band

Stage Works won by Orlando Gough
An extract from Ariel Songs performed by Shout

tutti has CDs of music by many past and present British Composer Awards winners including from the above, Huw Watkins and Graham Fitkin. Well worth hearing more of. Hope you like them as much as we do.

Geraldine Allen

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