DAL STRUTT - Composer

English composer inheriting music from five previous generations of Irish and Huguenot immigrants who settled in the East End of London.

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  • The musical language of Dal Strutt has an improvisatory feel as well as using "quasi" serial techniques, which owes as much to interests in Indian and African music as well as European tradition. Another major influence has been early European church music, especially plainchant, and the sacred works from Elizabethan and Jacobean eras as well as that of the Eastern Orthodox Church.    Dal Strutt's music also reflects deeply felt philosophical and religious ideas particularly from eastern thought. The music is never compromising, and reveals an articulate, highly personal style, attracting general comments such as very powerful and original, inspiring and with vision and commitment.
    Selection of Works

    Large Scale Works include an Oratorio JOHN THE BAPTIST for 2 tenor, 1 bass and baritone soloists, and a Cantata THE FOLDING OF A PAPER for 2 tenor soloists (sprechstimme) strings, percussion and brass with words by Mallarme, Valery and Baudelaire, and an Opera, McGallan's Run.

    Vocal Works include several for the ALTO VOICE, unaccompanied or with piano, clarinet, guitar, percussion, and ALTO with BASS voice. Other vocal music includes settings of original words for BARITONE and PIANO and CHORAL (s.a.t.b.)

    Instrumental music includes works for String Quartet, String Quintet, Viola, Cello, Cello and Piano,  Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Clarinet and Piano, and Oboe, Bassoon and Horn.

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    Performance Venues

    PERFORMANCE VENUES have included St. Martin-In-The-Fields, The Purcell Room,  Foyle's Recital Room, South Essex Churches, College of Charleston Simons Arts Center, Piccolo Spoleto Festival, U.S.A. Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Niigata, Japan, and broadcast B.B.C. Radio Network, European Cable Re-Transmission.

    DVD of performances of HRDAYA (alto & string quartet) HYMN to BODHICITTA (counter-alto, viola & cello) and INVOCATION to the CORE GARBADHATU MANDALA (alto & string quartet) presented to the Royal House of Thailand 2006.

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    Broadcast and Publication

    BROADCAST B.B.C. Radio Network and European Cable Re-Transmission. 

    RECORDING with DISCUS [PO Box 658, Sheffield, S10 3YR]

    PUBLICATION with Roeginga Edition  

    COMMENTS regarding Dal Strutt's music include remarks such as "very powerful and original, inspiring, dramatic, marked with vision and commitment."

    "Your music is wonderful."  (Louise Marchant, Registrar, The Buddhist Society.)

    "Today was a very special day.  I was cantor and sang Taking Refuge in the Trinity. I think this will be a part of our Trinity Service for years to come.  What a joy for me to sing it!  Thank you again for allowing me to perform it."  (Dr. Robert O. Sneed:  St Augustine's-In-The-Woods, Langley, WA USA.)

    "Those quartet pieces: the more I hear them the more I get from them.  It is an honour to know you."  (Peter Maskens:  Storyteller, Hornchurch, Essex.)

    "I think HRDAYA is a great piece:  a real unity and very moving."  (Nicolas Cherniavsky: Cellist and Arranger, London.)

    "Working with Essay for Cello has been like getting to know a friend: a very powerful one."  (Nicolas Chemiavsky: cellist and arranger, London.)

    "FIVE was the highlight of the recital." (Audience member Foyle's Recital Room)

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    Contact Information

    ALL ENQUIRIES to Roeginga Edition, 27, Dunedin Road, Rainham, Essex. RM13 8HA, U.K. (Tel : 01708 520779) 

    E-mail: dalstrutt@live.co.uk

    DAL STRUTT is a member of the Performing Right Society Ltd, and the Concert Section of the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters.

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