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The Lady of Ephesus , chamber opera, (SAT) 1 act, libretto RW. 16.2.59, Queen’s University Belfast

Finn and the Black Hag, children’s opera, 2 acts, libretto Janet McNeill, 12.12.59, Lyric Players Theatre, Belfast (Novello)

Graduation Ode, 3 acts, libretto Janet McNeill  SSATBarBarB solos, chorus, orchestra, 20.11.63, King George VI Hall, Belfast

Let My People Go children’s church opera, 2 acts, 22.3.72, for speaker, baritone solo children’s choir and orchestra and mime group. Henry Herford (bar.) Richard Baker (narrator) Liverpool Schools’choir and orchestra cond. Michael Bush, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

St. Patrick, children’s church opera, 2 acts, libretto David Selwyn, for TBarB solos, choir and orchestra 3.5.79, comm. Liverpool Anglican Cathedral with Gordon Pullin as Patrick, cond. Michael Bush

In the Beginning, children’s church opera, 2 acts, 22.7.82, libretto from Genesis (AV) and Milton with 5 Victorian hymns; for bar. solo (prof.) sop.,bar.solos (students) SS & SATB choirs, spoken parts, dancing groups, 2 handbell teams and orchestra. Michael Rippon (bar) cond. Christopher Walker

comm. for the XVth ISME Conference in 1982

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The Passion, for 7 soloists and chamber ensemble (and alt. Choral version)  text translated J.B.Phillips, 19.2.62  Queen’s University Belfast and BBC, (Novello)

Songs of Unity  bar. solo, choirs and orchestra comm.. Methodist College , Belfast . John Barrow (baritone) and school musicians cond. William McCay Belfast 1968

Continuing Cities for SAB soloists, chorus and orchestra, in 4 movements, comm. Bristol Choral Society 22.4.89

St. John Passion (Were You There?) Passion setting with Spirituals for TBarB solos, choir SATB and organ, text from AV (modernised RW) cond. Jonathan Gregory  Leicester Cathedral 1999 (Sibmus)

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Overture to a Comedy  for strings 1953

Nocturne for Orchestra 1964, City of Belfast Orchestra cond. RW Ulster hall, Belfast

Symphony No. 1 1965, comm. Belfast Festival City of Belfast Orchestra cond. Maurice Miles

Magnificat Fanfare for 3 pianos and strings (a prelude to Bach’s Magnificat. 1965

Violin Concerto 1966, (Eric Gruenberg), BBC NIO cond Terence Lovett Belfast, (Novello)

Processions, concert overture (1967) Ulster Orchestra cond. George Malcolm, Belfast

Seaside Sketches 1968, suite for orchestra, Ulster Orchestra BBC radio

Music for Harlequin Serenade for Wind, Belfast 1964 (Novello)

Symphony No. 2 1969, Ulster Orchestra cond Janos Fürst, Ulster Hall Belfast (Sibmus)

Wexford Bells 1970, suite for orchestra, comm. BBC BBC NILO cond. Alan Tongue (Novello)

Prelude and Scherzo on a theme of Stravinsky  for wind and brass 1974 Clifton Cathedral cond. Adrian Beaumont

Overture Bridgwater Fair, comm. City of Bath Symph . Orch. Cond. RW 1980

Symphony No. 3 (Pictures with Angels) 1995, Brunel Ensemble cond. Christopher Austin (Sibmus)

Burnt Norton Sketches orch. (and cond.) Christopher Austin 1998, Bristol

Ring of Light  marimba, perc. organ and strings: comm. St Mary Redcliffe School, Bristol 2005

Bridgwater Fair Divertimento on Somerset folk songs for strings, Emerald Ensemble, Bristol 2007 (Sibmus)

A Star Danced, for solo cello and small orchestra: comm. St Mary Radcliffe School, Bristol 2009

Variations on a Gloucester Chime for orchestra, 2012: comm. Bristol Schools Philharmonia

Gwent Carnival, 2013: comm. Abargavenny Symphony Orchestra

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There is a Time 1970 double choir and dancers comm. Cork Choral Festival

There is a Time  1976 adaptation of the above for solo harp and dancers

Ballet Shoes, ballet in 2 acts 17.5.01 (rev.2010), Peacock Theatre London, comm. London Children’s Ballet

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What Bird so Sings 1952 6 movements for SSA, strings

The Annunciation 1955, choir and organ, (Novello)

Winter Festivals 1957, words John Reed, 4 movt. choir, strings, hpschd.

The Strife is O’er 1960, choir and organ, (Novello)

Drop, drop slow tears 1960, contralto, flute, piano, Belfast , (Novello)

Sea Change 1961. Children’s choir, instruments, Annadale Grammar School Belfast, (Novello)

The Yeares Midnight words Donne, and trad. For SS choir, clar., piano for the R.A.M. Junior Exhibitioners Choir, cond Michael Bush (Novello)

Song for St. Cecilia’s Day 1967, tenor, flute, viola, guitar (Peter Pears, Richard Adeney, Cecil Aronowitz, Julian Bream), Belfast, BBC

A Star Shone over Bristol 1973, words Chatterton, Southey, Symonds, Betjeman soprano solo, (Janet Price) choir, orchestra, Bristol

Leave us not Comfortless 1977, choir, organ, comm. By BBC. BBC W of E Singers conducted by Philip Moore

Now Welcome Somer 1997, choir and piano duet, ( U. of B. Singers conducted by Glyn Jenkins)

Canciones de Agua (1999) for SSA and harp, 4 movements words in Spanish (Machado) and English (Joyce and Wordsworth) Cantoria Alberta Grau, cond. Maria Guinand,   Caracas   (Sibmus)

Winter Festivals, (John Reed) SATB and piano (Bristol U.Singers cond. Glyn Jenkins) 2000 (Sibmus)

Millennium Songs bar. solo, children’s, girls’, SATB choirs,  handbells, orch. Westbury on Trym, 2000

Of Brooks and Blossoms, 8 Herrick poems, mezzo soprano solo, SSAA choir, flute and strings, Tiffin Girls’School, Kingston on Thames, Emma Selway  cond. Paul Mitchell 2004 (Sibmus)

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String Trio 1956 (Ulydian Trio) Belfast

Quartet Blues (homage á Chris Barber) string quartet 1958

Sonata for cello and harpsichord (or piano) Belfast 1962 John Bunting  (cello) RW (piano)

Scherzo on a Belfast Street Song for piano trio 1963 Belfast

String Quartet No. 1 1965 (Olin Quartet), Belfast , (Novello)

Triptych for solo violin Alan Kimberley, Belfast 1971

Duo Concertante for cello and piano 1972 (George Isaacs), comm. Cardiff Festival

String Quartet No. 2 (The Bells) 1975 (Dartington Quartet), Bristol (Sibmus)

String Quartet No. 3 1977 (Dartington Quartet), comm. BBC Bristol

Burnt Norton Sketches, piano trio 1985, comm. Poezie en Muziek, (Westminster Piano Trio), Louvain , Belgium (Sibmus)

Exchanges for oboe and piano 1986, with Adrian Beaumont, Bristol

September piece for cello and piano 1986 (rev. 2006) Cambridge (Sibmus)

Sonata for violin and piano, Kingsdown Duo, (Roger Huckle, John Bishop) Bristol 1993 (Sibmus)

Mother Watkyns’ Ayres, divertimento for wind quintet on Tudor themes 2002, Noctutus quintet (Emerson)

Picasso Pictures, 5 sketches for wind quintet Bristol Music Club 2003, Noctutus quintet (Emerson)

Bonny at Morn 2010, fantasia for string quintet

Introduction and Allegro for viola and piano 2012

Harlequinade suite for recorder quintet (Bristowe Consort) Bristol 2015

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Ten Variations on a theme of Purcell  1947

Sonata No. 1 1952, Alan Robinson), Cambridge

Canonic Variations on a Spiritual 1960 (Margaret Kitchen) BBC

Five Bagatelles 1967 RW Belfast

A Pavane for these Sad and Distracted Times Belfast RW 1972

Sir Alec His Pavan  1976

Sonata No. 2 1977, (Martin Jones), comm. Cardiff Festival (Sibmus)

Variations on a Nautical Theme for Piano Duet  1994 (Sibmus)

Birthday Prelude and Fugue for Marguerite  2001

Erinnerungen  2002 for Geoffrey Styler

Daughter of Shining Light  (in memory of Sara) 2003

9 Variations on a theme by Janacek for piano duet 2010

Four Hardy Portraits  2014

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Three Christmas Preludes 1956 Evan John, Belfast                                                                   

Fanfare for Corpus Christi  David Willcocks, Cambridge 1966

Elegy in memoriam Leon Rittweger Belfast 1969 (Mayhew 1991)

Give to the Winds Thy Fears prelude on ‘ Doncaster ’ 1980 (Mayhew)

A Little Organ Mass  Nigel Davison Bristol 1980

Ceremonial Fanfare for trumpet and organ Paul Beniston, Nigel Davison Bristol 1987

Pavane and Galliard  for trumpet and organ Paul Beniston, Glyn Jenkins 1994

Prelude to ‘Golden Rings’  Peter Dyke 1995

Grecian Dialogues 3 movt. Peter Dyke, Hereford 2008 (Sibmus)

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Spring 1948, 5 songs words Paul Dehn 1956, tenor and piano (Wilfred Brown), BBC (Sibmus)

The Pity of Love, 6 songs, words Yeats 1966, (Peter Pears, Julian Bream) comm. Peter Pears, Aldeburgh Festival

Songs of Old Age, 8 songs words Yeats 1968, (Thomas Helmsley, Philip Cranmer), Belfast (Novello)

In My Childhood, 5 songs, words Louis MacNeice, soprano and small orchestra, (Lindsay Gowers, Brunel Ensemble cond. Christopher Austin) Bristol 1998 (Sibmus)

Another Spring 5 songs, words C. Rossetti, soprano and piano 2008

The Coming, 3 Songs to words by Crashaw, C. Rossetti, Rowan Williams, for Jeremy Huw Williams, 2010

The Rose Tree, songs to words by W B Yeats for soprano, recorder and cello 2008

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Canticle of the Sun 1951 words Heath-Stubbs SSATB Cambridge

The Death of Orpheus 1953 (John Reed) for Crofton Singers, Loughton, Essex   (see below)

Four Irish Madrigals 1959 (Yeats)

In my Childhood words MacNeice Sop. solo and SATB choir. The McCready Singers Belfast 1963 (Novello 1965)

The White Heron words words Yeats SATB, McCready Singers, Cork Festival 1962

There is a Time 1970 double choir, comm. Cork Choral Festival The Queen’s University Singers

Madrigals in Time of War 1974 (Fr. Words) for SATB and solo flute. Bristol University Singers Bristol

Salvator Mundi 1976, Bristol U. Singers at the Warwick Choral Festival cond Geoffrey Spratt (Sibmus)

Atlantis 1985 (Charles Tomlinson) SSATB, Leuven , Belgium

Golden Rings 1987 (trad.) S(S)ATB, comm. Bristol Madrigal Society (Sibmus)

The Starlight Night 1990 ( Hopkins ) SSAATTBB. comm. Bristol Bach Choir (Sibmus)

Celtic Blessings 1996 (trad.) for the Bristol Graduate Singers (Sibmus)

Blessing for a Journey SSA for Miscellany Singers 1999 (Sibmus)

Missa Brevis SATB (div.) 2003

The Death of Orpheus SSATB (words John Reed) revised for bar. solo, tubular bell and choir SATB Jonathan Small (baritone) Bristol University Singers, (cond. Glyn Jenkins) 2005 (Sibmus)

What the Bird Said Early in the Year (CS Lewis) for the Bristol Chamber Choir 2007 (Sibmus)

Bristol Landscapes SATB 2011 (words J A Symonds, Southey, David Selwyn): comm. Clifton Singers

Dancing in the Wind, 4 Childhood Piectures, SATB with oboe, 2013 (words Yeats, Edward Thomas, Hardy, Elizabeth Jennings): comm. Bristol Chamber Choir

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Holy, Holy, Holy, SATB (Novello 1956)

O Send out thy Light SATB (Novello 1956)

Come Holy Ghost  SATB organ (Novello 1956)

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis unison voices and organ (Novello 1958)

Angelus ad Virginem) carol arr. SAB in Sing Nowell (Novello 1963)

The Earth is full of thy Riches SATB, organ (Novello 1963)

Evening Hymn male voices and organ for choir of Corpus Christi College , Cambridge 1967

The Dream of Ananias SATB organ 1975 rev. 1999

Did you not Know?  SATB 1976

A Father’s Welcome SATB 1976

Two Beatitudes SATB (1976)

Leave us not Comfortless SATB (1977), organ (from the cantata above)

Dwell in My Love (1979, rev. 1991) SATB and organ (Sibmus)

Love, Joy  SATB 1979

He was listening SATB organ for installation of John Allen as Dean of Wakefield Cathedral 1982

Happy the Pilgrims SATB organ 1987

The Earth is the Lord’s  SATB 1989

Bristol Service Mag. and Nunc, 1991 SATB and organ, for Bristol Cathedral cond Christopher Brayne (Sibmus)

Chesterton’s Carol SATB 1997 Cork University (Sibmus)

Psalm 100 first version SATB and organ (1993), second version with solo trumpet 1994

I love the Lord  SATB 1999

Come Holy Ghost  SSATB 1999

Ave Verum (2001)  SA and organ for Bristol Graduate Singers at Oxford

St. Paul ’s Service  (2001) unison voices, organ with optional SATB (Sibmus)

Canticle of the Spirit (2001)  SATB and organ for St. Paul ’s Church Choir Bristol (Sibmus)

The Lord answered Job  SATB and organ 2004 (Sibmus)

Spiritus Domini  bar. solo and SATB (2007) for Luke Fisher and Hereford Cathedral Choir in Nuremberg , Germany (Sibmus)
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Carols with Recorders voices in unison and 2 parts, recorders, piano (Novello 1959)

Capriccio, Bell Prelude, Round Dance  clarinet and piano (AB 1978)

Slow Waltz, Intrada, Fanfare for Ariel, Music for Prospero  trumpet and piano, (AB 1980)

Lullaby for Alexander  piano 1989

Harriet’s Dancing Dolls  for piano 6 short movements 1991 (Sibmus)

Carol for Jonathan  unison voices with piano 1995, also version for SATB unacc.(Sibmus)

Rhymes for Miriam (traditional songs arr. voice and piano LH) 1996

Four and Twenty Blackbirds  nursery rhymes arr. voice and piano LH 1997 (Sibmus)

Carol for Matthew SB and piano 1997

Song for Jennifer Mary voice and piano 1998

Galliard for Gabriella  for keyboard 1999

Serenade for Abigail  cello and piano 2001

In the Castle Hall, Valse Noble  2004
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Incidental music for numerous productions, including 11 Yeats plays for the Lyric Players Theatre, Belfast , 1959-70. The complete ‘Cuchulain’ cycle of four plays (At the Hawk’s Well, On Baile’s Strand , The Only Jealousy of Emer, The Death of Cuchulain) Lyric Players Theatre Belfast 1968
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A Lough Neagh Sequence 7 poems by Seamus Heaney, speaker and piano 1970, Seamus Heaney (speaker) Raymond Warren (piano) Belfast

Lares 6 poems by Michael Longley, speaker with clar. and bsn Belfast 1972.

Nine Variations on a Chinese Winter Song, poem by Charles Tomlinson with flute, percussion, Bristol 1983

The Sound of Time 1984, 6 poems by Charles Tomlinson, speaker and piano. Charles Tomlinson (speaker) and Raymond Warren (piano) Bristol (Sibmus)

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Mozart’s Slow Introductions Monthly Musical Record 1958

An Ulster Composer Interview in Acorn, English Department at Magee University College, Londonderry, No. 7 Autumn 1964

An Idea of Music (music in the plays of W.B.Yeats) Threshold No. 19, Autumn 1965.

A Composer’s Notebook Queen’s University Festival Brochure 1965

Song for St.Cecilia’s Day, inaugural lecture published by the Queen’s University of Belfast 1967

Composers and Scholars Talk broadcast on BBC third Programme 1972

Madrigals in Time of War Inaugural Lecture, Bristol University 1974

Orchestral Music in Hamilton Harty ed. Greer, Blackstaff Press 1978

Tippett’s fervent pluralism review of Music of the Angels in New University Quarterly, spring 1981

Music and the Liturgy Language and the Worship of the Church Macmillan 1990 p. 196

Book Opera Workshop, Studies in understanding and Interpretation 1995 published by Scolar Press.

The Composer and Opera Performance  in Composition, Performance, Reception ed Wyndham Thomas, Ashgate 1998 pp17-35

Music and Spirituality in Theology vol. CIX, March/April 2006

Articles on the music are in The Musical Times issues of Aug. 1964 (Basil Ramsey), Oct. 1969, (Charles Acton) and in The New Grove Dictionary of Music 1980 (Hugo Cole), 2001 (Ian Stephens)

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