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Raymond Warren

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The Biography page gives details of a career in which composing has been shared with performing, conducting and teaching music at the universities of Belfast and Bristol. The page also includes some personal reflections on how it has all worked out.
On the Compositions page the works are all listed under their various genres, ranging from operas to music for children. Among the most popular works are the orchestral suite Wexford Bells, the second symphony and second string quartet, Songs of Old Age, Picasso Pictures for wind quintet, the choral Golden Rings, and the anthem Dwell in my Love. Writings are also listed on the same page.

You can listen to short extracts from selected compositions in two ways: On the Listen page are passages from recordings of the music; the Scores page shows a passage from each score and you can hear a synthesised performance if you download Sibelius Scorch, which is free of charge.

Contact address: Raymond Warren, 4, Contemporis,  
10, Merchants Road
, Bristol BS8 4HB