Richard Deering, Rachel Nadin, Laurence Allix and Jeremy Brown

Following their Dusseldorf concert in May 2013 Piano 40 decided to disband due to internal disagreements. However, 2 of the members, Richard Deering and Jeremy Brown, were keen to keep the ensemble going with it's unique repertoire and library of original works written for them. As a sense of loyalty to the medium and to the many composers who had written such diverse works, the new group, called Grimoire, was "born" in October 2013 and the personnel is Richard Deering, Jeremy Brown, a previous Piano 40 member Rachel Nadin, and a Paris-based colleague Laurence Allix.


Forthcoming Concerts

Newly-formed Grimoire is pleased to announce that their first concert at London's South Bank will take place on Monday February 10th 2014, 7.45pm.
Grimoire has taken on the role of promoting contemporary works written for the medium of eight hands, at two pianos.  The repertoire in this concert was all specially written for these performers, including, David Stone's Nocturne, a short new work and a complete performance of Vibrancy, an exciting three movement work by Janet Beat.
Burlesque - Brian Chapple
Nocturne - David Stone
Vibrancy - Janet Beat
Water Bloom - Kyong Mee Choi
Gromoire - James Wilson
Interplay 2 - Sebastian Forbes
Octo-Paganini - Andrew Peggie
15 and 10 (also, concessions available)
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Contact and Availability

Piano 40 Ltd, 55 Dalmally Road, Croydon CR0 6LW, United Kingdom