Every time I hear a recording of David M. Patrick playing French repertoire I emerge from the experience with my head spinning ... stunning virtuosity ... registrations which produce brilliance of tone.




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In May 2006 the BBC Building a library programme evaluated the ten available recordings of the complete organ works of Maurice Duruflé. All these recordings were made by world class organists from several European countries and also from America. David M. Patrick's recording was placed in the final list of three highly recommended recordings. 

Sound extracts from the recording and further details are below.




David M. Patrick who was born in Devonshire, England, in 1947, is one of the most brilliant British organists of this time. He pursued his musical education at the Royal College of Music with distinction winning the Stuart Prize for organ in 1967 and going on to gain the coveted Walford Davies Prize the following year. This award brought him prestigious recitals at both Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral as well as the honour of being presented to HRH Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

David held a position of Kantor in the Norwegian Church from September 1996 until December 2012.  He was based in Fauske in the County of Nordland.  David returned to Exeter at the beginning of 2013.

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His early decision to specialize in the romantic and modern French repertoire followed logically from his impulse to accept the highest technical and artistic challenges which the organ presents. Perceiving the unjustified neglect of its composers in the period between Franck and Messiaen, he has successfully pioneered the works of Widor, Vierne and Duruflé in his critically acclaimed commercial recordings and BBC (English National Radio) recitals.  Of particular note were his Buckfast Abbey recordings of the Suite Op. 5 of Maurice Duruflé in 1976 and, in 1978, the Symphonie No. 6 by Louis Vierne.

His recording of the complete organ works of Maurice Duruflé, made in Coventry Cathedral in 1996 and released worldwide on the leading British label, ASV, was listed as a Critics Choice of the Year by the BBC Music Magazine in 1997. (See below for further details.)  More recently, he has recorded “French Organ Masterworks” at Gloucester Cathedral (Sanctuary Classics).

At the same time, David M.Patrick continues to give public concerts. He has performed at many major venues in Great Britain, in the United States of America, Canada, and ten of the eleven Norwegian Domkirkes as well as four concerts in Reykjavik on the world famous Klais organ of the Hallgrimskirkja. Future plans include further recordings.

Principal recital venues, many of which have engaged David for return visits:

In Great Britain

  • Rochester Cathedral
  • Exeter Cathedral
  • Westminster Cathedral
  • Truro Cathedral
  • Buckfast Abbey
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Bath Abbey
  • Christ Church Priory
  • St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh
  • Bristol Cathedral
  • Coventry Cathedral
  • Southwell Minster,
  • Portsmouth Cathedral and
  • St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol  

In Norway

  • Bodø Domkirke
  • Bergen Domkirke
  • Stavanger Domkirke
  • Fredrikstad Domkirke
  • Tønsberg Domkirke
  • Oslo Domkirke
  • Kristiansand Domkirke
  • Molde Domkirke
  • Tromsø Domkirke
  • Hamar Domkirke

          In Iceland

  • Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik

In the USA

  • Washington DC
  • Baltimore
  • New York
  • New Jersey

In Canada

  • Toronto
  • Kitchener


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In 1996, David M. Patrick recorded the complete organ works of Maurice Duruflé on the Harrison & Harrison organ of Coventry Cathedral, England. Released worldwide on the leading British independent label, A.S.V., the recording has received glowing reviews:

The Gramophone
stunning virtuosity

Organists Review
- all the difficulties of this truly demanding music swept aside with musical ease

BBC Music Magazine
- deftness of touch ... an awesome technique
awarded 5 stars for performance and 5 stars for sound quality

BBC Music Magazine, Critic's Choice of the Year 1997
this wonderful recording

Following release, the late Marie Madeleine Duruflé wrote to David M. Patrick, saying:

"Vos interprétations des oeuvres de M. Duruflé sont excellentes, je vous en félicite. ... bien ... Très bien ... brillant ... BRAVO."

Listen to excerpts from David M. Patrick's recording as streamed RealAudio files. To download the RealAudio player
click on the icon below:

Click on the CD image or title to stream the sound file

CD  Extract from Cortège, an improvisation by Louis Vierne, reconstructed by Maurice Duruflé and performed by David M. Patrick.

CDExtract from Toccata, third movement of Suite Op.5 by Maurice Duruflé, performed by David M. Patrick.

Click this link for a LO-FI streamed video recording of David playing Bach on the Stavanger Cathedral organ.

Click this link for a HI-FI streamed video recording of David playing Bach on the Stavanger Cathedral organ.

In August 2000, David recorded a new CD of works by Charles-Marie Widor, Symphonie 6 and Symphonie 3 and Trois Nouvelles Pièces Op. 87 on the organ of Coventry Cathedral, for ASV.  The recording was released in June 2001.

The Gramophone
Patrick's staggering virtuosity leaves me breathless as he seizes every opportunity to dazzle and shine with playing of a rapidity and precision few could, or would dare to, match.  Relish the sheer edge-of-the-seat excitement as he negotiates the hurdles of the Sixth's "Intermezzo" or as he make his thrilling dash along the same Symphony's final stretch"
November 2001

In July 2001, he recorded a CD of works by Boëllmann, Guilmant, Gigout and Franck for a new British label Zerga, due to be launched in early 2002.  This recording was made on the new Van Den Heuvel organ in the Katarina Church in Stockholm.  

Released: 1st  May 2002 
Catalogue Number: 

Album Title:  Suite Gothique
Venue:  Katarina Church, Stockholm
Artist:  David M. Patrick

Suite Gothique can be ordered from the secure website:
Price £15.99 incl. postage and packing

Parisian Splendour
David M Patrick plays the Organ of Buckfast Abbey
Including - Widor
/ Bonnet / Gigout / Saint-Saëns / Alain /  Vierne / Durufle 
PRCD 213
Released on Priory October 2005
(Recorded April 1987 and originally released on cassette)

DAVID M. PATRICK – The Organ of Gloucester Cathedral
(CD RSN 3073)
Released on Sanctuary Classics June 2006

Future plans include further commercial recordings

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Contact David M. Patrick at: 
12, Matford Avenue, Exeter, Devon, EX2 4PW 
telephone: 00 44 (0)1392 275078 
e-mail:  davidmpatrick1@gmail.com 
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David M.Patrick is a Member of the
Incorporated Society of Musicians


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